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Digital Honeycomb was founded to provide high quality, line of business software solutions for critical operations. Ramping up quickly to gain intimate knowledge of specialized operations is important. Solutions often require highly available, resilient, and managed hosting solutions along with data analytics and insightful business intelligence solutions.

We build solutions with structure.

Our solutions focus on providing compelling features on time, on budget, and at customer expectations. Our team employs agile methodologies but with respect to business process tollgates, reviews and deep cross-discipline understanding of business and technical requirements. It is often said that the modern battlefield engages multiple moving targets from a moving platform in a rapidly changing engagement theater. So too is modern business. Companies are engaging multiple mobile customers with multiple products and services in a rapidly changing market. We have found that highly-targeted point solutions are simpler, more agile, more resilient, perform better, and enable companies to conduct business...on the move.

Simplicity Survives.